SingularityU Global embodies the alumni community of Singularity University. Our alumni are at the forefront of driving ideas, impact, and change using exponential technologies to address humanity's grand challenges in their communities. Singularity University is a platform for education, innovation and action that is focused on understanding how exponential technology can be leveraged to drive global impact. Singularity University aspires to create a global community of doers. SingularityU activities are designed in the spirit of Singularity University’s mission to empower our alumni community across the globe.

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What is Singularity University?

Singularity University (SU) is the benefit corporation behind a global community of innovators who share a mission to solve the world’s greatest challenges. The SU Community is comprised of individuals, business, institutions, investors, and NGOs in over 80 countries. The SU platform is a unique combination of services that consists of educational programs in exponentially advancing technologies, as well as innovation programs to support collaboration and initiatives leveraging those technologies to positively impact billions of lives globally.

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What is SingularityU Copenhagen Community Chapter?

SingularityU Copenhagen is a local Chapter and community organization of Singularity University.

The SingularityU Copenhagen Community Chapter provides opportunities to mobilize communities through local, in persons salons in order to build a more connected community. There are 10 events held per year. Usually from 3pm to 6pm followed by an open bar and networking session.